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def pylmflib.pylmflib.utils.attr.check_attr_type
 Check that attribute value is of specified type. More...
def pylmflib.pylmflib.utils.attr.check_attr_range
 Check that attribute value is in specified range. More...
def pylmflib.pylmflib.utils.attr.check_date_format
 Verify that date format is composed as follows: YYYY-MM-DD (ISO 8601). More...
def pylmflib.pylmflib.utils.attr.check_time_format
 Verify that time format is composed as follows: THH:MM:SS,MSMS (ISO 8601: 'T' for Time). More...
def pylmflib.pylmflib.utils.attr.check_duration_format
 Verify that duration format is composed as follows: PTxxHxxMxxS (ISO 8601: 'P' for Period). More...