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pylmflib.pylmflib.utils.ipa2sampa.ipa2sampa Namespace Reference


def uni2sampa


tuple data ='./pylmflib/utils/ipa2sampa/sampa.csv', 'r', 'utf-8')
list sota = []
tuple ta = eval('"""'+ta+'"""')
tuple seq = line.strip()

Function Documentation

def pylmflib.pylmflib.utils.ipa2sampa.ipa2sampa.uni2sampa (   sequence)
Convert sequence in unicode-ipa to ascii-sampa.

Forked from LingPy's version for ipa2sampa, which is based on code
taken from Peter Kleiweg

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Variable Documentation

tuple ='./pylmflib/utils/ipa2sampa/sampa.csv', 'r', 'utf-8')

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tuple pylmflib.pylmflib.utils.ipa2sampa.ipa2sampa.seq = line.strip()

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tuple pylmflib.pylmflib.utils.ipa2sampa.ipa2sampa.sota = []

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tuple pylmflib.pylmflib.utils.ipa2sampa.ipa2sampa.ta = eval('"""'+ta+'"""')

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