Workshop on Kiranti languages, Dec 1-2 2016, Paris

In celebration of the conclusion of the ANR grant that has made this research possible, Guillaume Jacques and Aimée Lahaussois are organising a Workshop on Kiranti Languages, to be held in Paris on December 1st and 2nd. Invited speakers are Balthasar Bickel (University of Zurich), George van Driem (University of Bern), Boyd Michailovsky (CNRS) and Sabine Stoll (University of Zurich). Program, with links to abstracts, available here.


Here are a few links that will tell you more about the funding for our project, our data collection, how we set up the comparable corpus, and who the contributors are.

Himalco project blog

This is the blog for our ANR-funded HimalCo project, where we post field reports and news about articles published based on our data.

Papers about building our comparable corpus

Lahaussois, Aimée and Séverine Guillaume, 2012. "A viewing and processing tool for the analysis of a comparable corpus of Kiranti mythology." LREC Building and Using Comparable Corpora Workshop Proceedings
Lahaussois, Aimée, 2014. "The Kiranti comparable corpus: a prototype corpus for the comparison of Kiranti languages and mythology," In Mari Jones (ed), Endangered Languages and New Technologies, Cambridge University Press, pp. 17-34

Pangloss collection

This is an archive where a number of linguists working on oral languages have stored their narrative data, usually with transcription, glossing and translation tiers, together with synchronized sound files. The data we have used to build our comparable corpus is also archived in Pangloss, along with other narratives from the same languages but which were not part of our aligned corpus.

Websites for corpus contributors

For now, it's just the two of us, but we will eventually expand the number of stories and the languages in this corpus.

Corpus and dictionaries compiled with ANR funding.